Feeling Irritable? It’s not all in your head


Many women I have spoken with over the years list irritability as one of the complaints that brings them to a naturopathic consult. First of all, this is a common response to being overwhelmed in life – too many demands and not enough time for self-care. Building in some regular time for yourself can make a big impact on day to day irritability. There are however, many physiological imbalances that can also lead to more irritability.

Dear Kristina – teen body image


By Kristina Schwalm-Bacquet, MSW, RSW Dear Kristina, My daughter is 16 now, and she seems consumed with her appearance. She is very focused on how she looks in clothes and I heard her and her friends talking about good diets. Do you have any tips for a healthy body image, or advice for how I should talk to her about this? Thanks, Worried Mom  

How to Survive Back to School – in class or just on the same bus


By Dr. Stefanie Trowell, ND Regardless if you or your child are heading back to school yourself or just seeing the crowds of students, nothing ends the casual comfort of summer like receiving the upcoming school year schedule. Back to school can be an extremely stressful time as parents and students alike struggle to find their equilibrium as new routines are being established. With time

Run Forrest, Run! Part 2 of 3 – A closer look at the dynamic warm-up and cool-down


Today, I would like to discuss the topic of running warm-ups and cool-downs; specifically two types of stretching that are used for both. The first type is static stretching (SS), which involves the passive stretching of a joint and is usually held for 20-30 seconds. The second is dynamic stretching (DS), which involves the active movement of a joint and is usually held for 2-5 seconds per several repetitions.

Scientifically proven ways to change your life in less than 30 minutes a day

Scientifically Proven_280

By Dr. Shawna Darou, ND As the seasons change, many of us are looking for a fresh start or a way to renew our health. It can seem overwhelming to take on a whole new lifestyle – better nutrition, packing lunches, cutting out sugar, regular exercise, getting to bed earlier, etc. What I suggest as a starting point is to just choose one thing to

Top 10 Conditions Treated with IV Therapy


By Dr. Hilary Booth, ND Intravenous (IV) therapy is a safe and efficient way to deliver vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly to the body. IV therapy is different from oral supplementation because it allows us to achieve higher concentrations of nutrients by bypassing the digestive tract and going directly to tissues and organs via the blood stream. IV therapy can be used to treat

Run Forrest, Run! Part 1 of 3 – A closer look at running footwear


By Cora Tomowich, MScPT, Hons B Kin As I pay homage to one of my favourite movies, I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss one of my favourite things: running. With marathon season upon us, I’d like to touch base with regards to a few running-related topics. So pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and enjoy! The first topic I will discuss

Maximizing Your Child’s Performance


By Dr. Marika Berni, ND As the lazy days of summer come to an end….sigh,  it is time to refocus on routine and the many responsibilities our kids face in the coming months.  Gone are the late nights and sleeping in.  The early mornings and long days of school, followed by extracurricular activities in the evenings will soon be upon us once again.  As will

Interview with Julie from Province Apothecary


What is Province Apothecary, and what makes you unique? We are an all-natural and organic skincare brand based in Toronto. We hand make all of products from pure plant + earth ingredients, without any toxins, synthetics or fillers. We’re unique because of our focus on using Canadian ingredients, and we offer organic custom facials at our skincare clinic. Here are links to more detailed info:

How to Facilitate a Smooth Transition to School

How To facilitate a smooth transition to school_280

By Agnès Dupin, BSW, MSW, RSW – Child & Family Therapist I have to confess about my conflicting feelings while writing this article: while I have to talk about planning, the importance of adjusting back your routine, preparing your child for a smooth transition…. the other part of me wants to talk about enjoying the present moment, not planning, just been here and now and