The Myth of Calcium and Bone Density

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By Dr. Shawna Darou, ND It’s amazing that we still hear so much about the importance of dietary calcium and bone density for women, when there have been years of studies showing that our bone health is much more complicated than the number of glasses of milk we drink each day! In fact there is a big contradiction in the research: studies have shown that neither

Art as Therapy: The Idea of the North & Gord Downie

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By Kristina Schwalm-Bacquet, BSW, MSW, RSW I’ve written about art as therapy before. I’ve ventured to describe my impression that observing art is an opportunity for emotional awareness, connection and perspective. Hearing a song, we might see parts of ourselves reflected, feel connected to the composition, the images, the artist or even to the piece itself. We might even see our own struggles in their

Cupping for the Gold


By Renee Pilgrim, R.Ac, R. TCMP Michael Phelps is the word on the street in a few communities this week. Of course Canada’s Olympic dreams follow his kicks but it’s the Traditional Chinese Medicine Communities that are really feeling the splash! On Monday I got a call from the Globe and Mail – see the piece here: Any and every time I am offered a

Train Like an Champion: Part 2 – Stronger, Faster and Pain-Free


By Shirley Srubiski, R.Kin, CSEP-CPT Missed Part 1: Eating for Success with Dr. Stefanie Trowell, ND? Check it out here. Now that you’ve learned how to appropriately fuel your body to achieve your best gains yet, it’s time to discuss ways maximize your physical training protocols. The most common mistake I see endurance athletes make is to neglect their strength and resistance training. There is

Train Like an Champion: Part 1 – Eating for Success


By Dr. Stefanie Trowell, ND This summer, sport is on everyone’s mind. Childhood memories of spending hours in front of the television, celebrating as Donavon Bailey won gold and weeping as Perdita Felicien fell in hurdles. With the track events starting to heat up, I continue to be amazed by the physical feats achieved in 2016. To us mere mortals, August marks the peak of

Are your hormones changing, but you’re too young for menopause?

Top tips for Perimenopause

What many women do not know is that your hormones start shifting as early as your mid-30’s and significantly by the mid-40’s. Even when menopause is still years away, hormonal changes can cause significant symptoms. Don’t let the word perimenopause scare you – we all feel too young for these changes!

Summertime Depression check-up

Summertime Depression Check-up

What’s worse is that summer brings with it an expectation of levity and joy. If you are simply not feeling this, depressive symptoms may be further aggravated by the belief that you should be, and that everyone else is. If you are struggling with your mood this summer, you might feel entirely isolated and alone. But remember you are not. Depression is a clinical disorder, and it doesn’t just go away because of summertime, and in many cases it may be provoked by it.

Acupuncture point: PC 6


By Renee Pilgrim, R. Ac. R. TCMP There is a point that I have used today in 4/7 treatments thus far. Pericardium 6. It’s versatile and in high demand today. Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture has 365 classical points and PC 6 is one. Translated as Inner pass it exists about 2-3 inches from the palm side of the wrist, toward the elbow, between the tendons.

Interview with Keri O’Meara from MuseMovement Studio

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August’s Darou Wellness approved business is MuseMovement Studio, a pilates and yoga studio. They are located at Artscape Youngplace: 180 Shaw St., Unit 204 | Toronto, ON M6J 2W5 What is MuseMovement Studio, and what makes you unique? We are a boutique experience Pilates and yoga classroom, specializing in empowering and inspiring people through movement and body education.   Our modern, Smart Hard method is very

The Hangover Hookup: the morning-after IV


By Dr. Stefanie Trowell, ND In the peak of a sweltering patio season, a remedy for too many cool beverages has never been more appreciated. Although the remedy doesn’t offer a solution for all the consequences of tipping too many back, it covers most of them – medically speaking! The “Heaven-Sent” Hangover Cure Nothing causes a person to reach out to the deities more than